BA (Hons) Visual Effects


Course Structure

First Year

The First Year teaches skills across the whole of the four degrees and will introduce you very quickly to high end modelling, animation and visual effects, as well as providing an introduction to compositing 3D artwork into film, particle effects, colour grading and keying. 

Second Year

n the Second Year you will study visual effects, matte painting, soft and rigid body simulations and scripting. You will explore the use of post production for integrating and compositing 3D and 2D visual effects, gaining an understanding of industry pipelines. 

Third Year

Your Final Year of study is about engaging in real- world practices and preparing for employment. You will make a final VFX short film, taking it from preproduction, R&D and pre-vis through production and post-production. You will also produce a showreel and a professional website – both valuable tools when it comes to finding work in the industry.