BA (Hons) Games Art


Course Structure

First Year

The First Year teaches skills across the whole of the four degrees and will introduce you very quickly to high end modelling, animation and visual effects, as well as providing an introduction to games texturing techniques and asset creation for real-time engines. 

Second Year

The Second Year will explore the question of what makes games fun and you will study game narrative and interactivity. Teamwork is very important in this industry and you will work in groups to create game levels in an existing games engine and genre. You will also study shader creation, scripting and the technological restrictions of real-time rendering. 

Third Year


In the Final Year you will create and implement game assets for characters, vehicles, objects, environments and levels. You will carry out conceptual research, artwork and design for your major project. This work will form the major part of your employment portfolio and showreel, and can be used to demonstrate your skills to potential employees after you graduate.