Digital Animation General Information

The University Of Hertfordshire Digital Animation Programme comprises of four Bachelor of Arts degree strands, and a Masters:
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Ba (Hons) 2D Digital Animation | Ba (Hons) Games Art

Ba (Hons) 3D Digital Animation | Ba (Hons) Visual Effects

MA Animation Masters | MA Games Art

These courses equip students with the high level of skills needed to succeed in today’s animation industry. It emphasizes creativity, character design, story, cinematography, VFX and compositing 3D and Games Art; all channelled through the advanced software skills needed to achieve inventive and engaging animation. These programmes develop digital modelling and character animation skills, virtual lighting and virtual camera work, exposing students to the latest professional 3D animation practices. The students create short animated final films or fully playable games levels. Employment opportunities include computer animation companies, work with games, TV and film special effects companies. Our graduated students work and freelance with some of the world’s best known production and post production houses.

Situated in central Hertfordshire, North London, we are able to provide excellent learning facilities in a custom-built building featuring the latest software and up-to-date hardware; and through experienced lecturers from a variety of fields. To find out more about our degrees and facilities please visit our website or contact us directly.

Steve Hunt Programme Leader – – Academic contact

Solomon Rogers Course Leader – – Industry/Grad Recruitment contact

State-of-the-art facilities
A brand new £9m building

Top quality facilities, cutting edge software and hardware and more investment planned – by 2010 Hertfordshire University will boast one of the UK’s major media villages.

Award winning courses taught by tutors with extensive industry experience

Training for a career in a growth industry which can offer artists fantastic opportunities.
Great links with industry leaders including Sony, Framestore CFC (Walking with Dinosaurs), BBC, Double Negative (Batman Begins), and The Mill (Harry Potter)

What are we looking for in candidates…

We take the majority of candidates from Art Foundations and diplomas but keep have places for promising A-level students. A possible good A-level combination could be Art, IT, Photography, media studies etc

All candidates are interviewed in a friendly 20 minute diagnostic interview that hopefully helps the candidate to make the correct decision for her/his future.

The candidate must have a portfolio of art work (if not a decision or discussion cant take place). The essentials we are looking for in the portfolios are good art skills- drawing, colour, form, sense of composition and proportion and creativity. Art and Design sketchbooks are essential to see your working process and thinking. Lifedrawing is an important plus.

Applicants must be digitally literate -They must have used graphic software of some sort ie Photoshop, Flash, illustrator, 3DSmax etc even at the most rudimentary level and have hard copy of that. Other art skills such Photography, animation, film, music, acting, sculpture, DJing etc are all pluses. Those with good IT skills are also considered.

For the 3D degrees: BA(Hons)3D Digital Animation, BA(Hons)Visual Effects, BA(Hons)GamesArt some experience of a 3D software while not essential is a bonus ie environment and vehicles for instance but would be good to see some 3D characters if possible.

Most important is an interest in the area – and a desire to tell stories and narrative and design characters especially for 2D and 3D

Enjoying Gameplay for the games degree and a critical and precise eye for film for Visual Effects

Above all candidates must have lots of enthusiasm! and motivation!, for what is an exciting creative area with good job prospects